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About Us

Inheriting the glorious tradition of the bicycle industry, seeking philosophy in modern urban life, we’re explorers opening up a new road for humanity. With a 20,000㎡ production base and a 2,000㎡ R&D facility, plus a capacity of one million bicycles per year and a team of over 50 R&D professionals, we have one thing on our minds and one thing only: to reinvent the bicycle.

With unlimited creativity as well as visionary insight about today’s world, Hongji Bike is on a quest to build vehicles for a new era and to meet future challenges. We not only breathe life into products with innovative design but with futuristic concepts and a mastery of smart techniques. We work with a rigorous attitude and extreme attention to detail, endowing our smart bicycles with infinite possibilities.

The Hongji Bike team, with an assembly of top-notch talents from the auto and shared mobility sectors, is determined to become a world-class solution provider for two-wheeled smart transportation. Our main offerings include total solution for two-wheeled shared mobility solutions, custom-made bicycles, high-end bikes, e-scooters and E-bikes for both corporate and individual consumers. We offer personalized hardware and software solutions, for both companies and individuals. With an integrated service system and awe-inspiring manufacturing technique, our products have become popular in numerous western markets.