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Corporate Customers

Hongji Bike has been working with partners in food delivery, express logistics service and in-park transportation, developing comprehensive solutions with manageable life-cycle costs for various scenarios that conform to all relevant laws and regulations.

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Focus on industry demands

Customize travel tools for different industries and enterprises.

Efficient operation and maintenance experience

Help enterprises achieve efficient operation and maintenance throughout the process from assembly, maintenance to transportation.

High-quality solution

Reduce transport and maintenance costs with excellent quality.

Professional customer success team

We can help you do better, regarding both maintenance and solution consultation.


The smart rental E-bikes launched by Hongji Bike for the food delivery and logistics industries have shown remarkable energy efficiency. A total of 28,704 kWh can be saved by 100,000 E-bikes in a single battery life cycle.


Riding is a life style, but for some, it’s more of a livelihood. Every day, a large number of delivery men and couriers ride an E-bike around the city, bringing great convenience to our lives. Hongji Bike is committed to making the riding experience of these unsung heroes enjoyable. Therefore, we hope to seek a balance between riding experience and enterprise cost by providing a first-class “workhorse” for them.

With strong resource integration capability, Hongji Bike has begun to work with domestic major food delivery and logistics service providers to develop food delivery E-bikes that meet the new national standard. We, as an enterprise, think about all aspects of E-bikes for everyday use and develop the best solutions accordingly.

Our Solutions

Cooperation with industry-leading brands

Develop transport services with industry-leading brands to satisfy the demands of their business operations.

Diversified product lines to meet the diverse needs of enterprises

Offer enterprises one-stop buying, with a full range of product lines including bicycles, E-bikes, electric motorcycles and e-scooters.