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With the mission statement “to reinvent the bicycle”, Hongji Bike has applied multiple new technologies to bikes, scooters, as well as E-bikes. By installing smart hardware on its bicycles, we’ve introduced standards and technology from the auto industry as well as the new energy technology sector to our high-end bicycles, turning them from just a tool for commuters into a healthy partner for one’s life.

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To reinvent the bicycle

Rethinking the relationship between man and bicycles, aiming at an entire new riding experience.

Integrating state-of-the-art techniques from the automobile industry

As long as it’s a vehicle, it deserves our serious handling. By introducing superb technology into our bicycles, we’ve made riding a lifestyle, too.

Great innovations in design

Catering to the diverse needs of different groups of people,bicycles can become the apple of your eye.

The application of smart hardware and IOT

Smart riding, back-end big data and new technologies are making bicycles faster in the internet age


The five co-founders offer experience and insight from several world-class mobility brands


An initial launch of nine bicycle models caters to the varied needs of different age groups and areas.


R&D base covering over 2,000 km2


As long as it’s a vehicle, it deserves our respect. By relying on the team’s in-depth exploration in the mobility industry, Hongji is constantly thinking about the relationship between man and vehicle, and is committed to bridging the massive gap between the bicycle industry and automobile industry with new technology, providing riders with first-class techniques and quality.

At present, Hongji has launched several bicycle models to the consumer market and is projected to launch its own branded E-bikes in Europe in the third quarter of 2019. In the future, Hongji products will also be available in America,southeast Asia and a host of other overseas markets.

Our Solutions

Tests from the global market

Since its founding, Hongji has had its eye set on the global market of two-wheeled mobility and has been committed to discovering the diverse needs of various types of riders, producing a bicycle that benefits the world.

Insights and experiences from world-renowned brands

Experiences in the top brands of different industries gives Hongji a better understanding of bicycles and the manufacturing process.

Fast iteration and numerous trials

With its powerful integrated “design+production” model, Hongji is always ready to respond to customer needs and improve its products.