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Mobike hardware team to start a business again, Hong Ji two rounds of ten million angel investment

In April, the team of Hongji Two-wheelers moved out of Wuxi Hongshan Wulianzhi Garden, and the new office is located in Wuxi Photovoltaic industrial park Xingzhou Industrial Square, not far from Wuxi East Railway Station.

A year and a half ago in 2017, Xu Hongjun, one of mobike’s co-founders and vice President in charge of hardware development and manufacturing, left Mobike and set up Hongji 2 To start a new business. It is reported that Hong Ji two-wheeled vehicle recently announced that the number of millions of angel investment.

After joining Mobike for two years, the mobike hardware team headed by Xu Hongjun designed the world’s first dedicated Shared bike, the mobike classic. In the subsequent launch competition, the hardware manufacturing team of Mobike produced millions of Mobike bikes, becoming experienced players in this field.

At that time, mobike’s Wuxi factory produced more than 10,000 bicycles per day at its peak. Outside the Hongshan Nuozhizhi Park, trucks from all over the country often blocked several intersections. The drivers either put the newly produced bikes into the country or shipped them to ports for shipment to operating cities around the world.

The new Hongji Two-wheeled Intelligent Vehicle Co., Ltd. factory is located in Changzhou, and the early office is in the same park as Mobike’s Wuxi factory, namely Mobike Wisdom Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co., LTD. Most of the engineers in Mobike’s hardware team have joined The Hongji two-wheeled vehicle in Mobike’s slim-down campaign.

As the boom in bike-sharing in domestic cities faded, Mobike slowed and eventually stopped producing new bikes. As a team of r&d and manufacturing of the first generation of special-purpose Shared bikes, Hong began to make a name for himself in the international travel sharing industry with the ability of two-wheel precipitation.

An invitation from Lime in North America

In May 2018, Lime, a North American ride-sharing company, approached Hong Kee with the hope that Hong Kee would provide 40,000 Shared electric scooters in a short time.

After launching in the first city in the US in June 2017, Lime has expanded at an average rate of 1-2 cities per week, becoming the largest ride-sharing brand in North America. In March 2018, Lime launched e-bike sharing and electric scooter, which were first launched in San Francisco, Washington, Miami and other cities.

However, in June 2018, Lime announced that it had completed a round of $250 million financing, with zero investment from Google Venture Google, investment from Google’s parent company Alphabet, and original investors such as yahoo founder jerry Yang.

Lime’s team came to Hong Kee before the financing, which was related to the competitive landscape at that time. At that time, Lime’s competition in North America was similar to that of Mobike and OFO. Lime and BIRD, two Shared electric scooter operators, were competing to launch in mainstream cities, but Lime’s original supplier suddenly ran into problems and stopped delivery.

Earlier, Toby Sun, Co-founder and CEO of Lime, told media that Lime’s vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured in China, giving it an edge in supply chain and industrial manufacturing. After this unexpected situation, they went to Hong Kee’s team.

Mobike’s experience in high speed production has helped the Team of Hongji. In more than one month, the team completed more than 40,000 electric scooters from product design, mold opening, production and export.

A ride-sharing industry veteran says, “If Hung doesn’t pick up, Lime has a hard time finding a supplier that can do this efficiently.”

Lime is a new global player in the dockless ride-sharing model that originated in China. After several years of intense competition, China’s Mobike and OFO are both in a bad situation. The reason why Mobike was acquired is that mobike’s products are more capable, especially its many special designs, which greatly reduced its operating costs.

In Xu’s opinion, bike-sharing products such as electric scooters and electric bikes require high reliability and low maintenance cost. The experience accumulated by Mobike hardware team in the development and manufacturing of Shared bikes will help directly.

Lime’s supplier crisis has not affected the competitive landscape with BIRD. After completing the financing, Lime further expanded into Europe, with the global market share of electric scooters exceeding 60% by the end of 2018.

Professional sharing solution provider

Currently, many international ride-sharing companies source their hardware in China.

Buyers from overseas experience, with the center of wuxi suxichang area, focus on the China’s largest bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and other design, manufacturing and production industry community, many large-scale manufacturers, but the ability to focus on manufacturing, sales channels, and industrial design, lack of core technology.

After Completing Lime project, Hong ji made a quick breakthrough in the global ride-sharing entrepreneurial team. In addition to sharing electric scooters provided to Lime, a number of European and American ride-sharing companies, such as Dott and Indigo Weel, have approached Hong Kee, and Hong Kee has provided them with diversified solutions such as sharing electric power e-bike and traditional axle drive bicycle.

Xu hongjun said, “In the current sharing field, we have the highest r&d efficiency in the world. Second, in terms of cost control, I have the experience of Mobike, which has obvious advantages over competing products.”

Xu Hongjun introduced that Hongji two-wheeled vehicle team has the core research and development ability of vehicle motor and control system, and even the independent research and development and manufacturing ability of system control components. It has the ability to develop suitable products at the appropriate cost for the harsh use environment of Shared market. In addition, the large-scale manufacturing capacity is also the expertise of The Hong Kee team, especially the high speed response to the other side’s demand, and the ability to carry out an instantaneous production capacity climb.

These capabilities are extremely important to operators of the ride-sharing industry. Sharing travel requires high cost and reliability, while the iot system of sharing travel needs to be adapted to the local operating conditions and network, and the threshold is higher than the general consumer-oriented e-bike.

Recently, Hung was invited to provide ride-sharing solutions for a Ride-sharing company in Spain, including the development of new hardware, manufacturing and IOT systems. The other side also pointed out that the car they operated before was easy to be stolen and GPS was not easy to track. They hoped That Hong Ji could provide optimization solutions.

The cooperation between the two parties is very smooth. In addition to the new hardware, the operation efficiency of the original hardware is also improved.

Xu Hong military, after the company raised in Europe since more than one occasion, to investors, according to the background the flood of the team, to provide them with the technical aspects of effective assistance, the news spread in the circle of travel in Europe, “at present in European investors, related to short-distance travel basically all know that the flood of technical strength.”

After opening the international ride-sharing market, Hongji’s technical strength has been recognized by the industry. Many international distributors, especially European brands, have found Hongji to customize OEM electric two-wheelers.

In addition to the overseas operator providing Shared two-wheelers solutions, hong ji and domestic mainstream yet take-out service operation providers to develop in line with the national standard of take-out electric vehicles for special purpose, potential orders can reach millions of magnitude, hong ji also share electric power bicycle carriers and domestic mainstream in joint research and development new Shared motorcycles.

At present, Hong Kee is committed to exporting multiple scenario solutions such as Shared travel and park travel, and providing product design, engineering technology and manufacturing services. Hong Kee also hopes to make efforts in the mass market in the future and launch phenomena-level products featuring European and other markets.