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Hongji two-wheeled product “Feilong” won the Gold medal of CHINA CYCLE in the top selection of CHINA bicycle industry

At present, Hong Kee is the inventor and holder of the patent for the new single-arm shaft drive system.

The 29th CHINA CYCLE 2019 was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 6 to 9. Hongji’s two-round innovative product “Flying Dragon”, founded by the original Mobike hardware team, won the gold award among the 50 finalists in the Official CHINA CYCLE Innovation Award of this exhibition.

“CHINA CYCLE innovation award” by the CHINA bicycle association, CHINA international bicycle exhibition organizing committee, Shanghai creative industry center, the competition as a way of showing CHINA bicycle manufacturing capabilities, for the purpose of fully embodies the winning companies in product design, manufacturing technology, the application materials in areas such as innovation ability, especially the ten gold medal products, represents the highest level of bicycles, electric bicycle industry in CHINA.

This time, Hongji submitted its innovative product “Flying Dragon Car”. In terms of appearance design, while ensuring the structure size, the vehicle has a unique sporty shape, and the frame can be made and assembled separately. This modular design benefits from the use of a special mortise and tenon structure to replace the traditional welding process, reduce the cost of transportation and packaging, more users can quickly disassemble.

The core feature of the award-winning Hong Kee “Flying Dragon” is its special single-arm shaft rotation structure. First of all, compared with the shaft driving cars on the market, the Angle between the middle shaft and the transmission shaft is adjusted from 90° to 85°, and the speed ratio is optimized to some extent. Secondly, the product adopts a segmented connection design to increase yield strength and reduce structural deformation. Finally, the team added a “dual-use” feature that made the product compatible with both solid and inflatable tires.

According to the introduction of COO and CMO Wang Miao, Through continuous research and development of the team, Hong Ji is the inventor and holder of the patent for the new single-arm shaft drive system.

In recent years, micro-mobility has become the focus of entrepreneurship. Fierce competition undoubtedly requires differentiated products. As a product with rich lifestyle attributes, the mini travel tool attaches great importance to the design sense and large-scale manufacturing capacity of the product — which happens to be the advantages of Hongji two-wheeled vehicle.

The Hongji team was founded by Xu Hongjun, the former vice President in charge of hardware r&d and manufacturing in Mobike. Most of the former hardware engineers of Mobike in Wuxi also joined The Hongji Two rounds. Wang Miao, Wang Chao, Wu Jun, Fan Feng and other co-founders have experience in top travel companies such as Mercedes-Benz, FAW-Volkswagen.

The award for “Flying Dragon” highlights Hong Kee’s strength in providing intelligent mobility solutions. Both the feature of being compatible with both solid and hollow tyres, and the modular design for easy transport and installation, all reflect the accumulation of a lot of experience in the field of hong Kee two-wheel travel.

Hong Kee Cycling announced that it will sell its own brand of electric bicycles in Europe in the third quarter of this year. This time won the gold award of “CHINA CYCLE Innovation Award”, which is also the best certification for the team’s technology and design ability.