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Hong ji sponsored driver Han Yue CRC China car pull ⼒ championship baofeng standing ig Chinese drivers’ championship

The three-day CRC China Rally Championship Baofeng Station was closed on August 27th.

Han Yue, the driver of the I Love Rally Team sponsored by Hongji Bike, successfully ended the game with the fifth in the match and the first Chinese driver in the international group.

The CRC event was the first time that Henan Baofeng hosted a national-level car rally.

The total mileage is about 475 kilometers, including 9 special sections of 150 kilometers, which attracted 83 players from 33 teams of Chinese and foreign auto rally.

Hongji Bike is , who is the leading domestic two-wheeled intelligent transportation solution provider and cross-border sponsors of the competition, not only concerned about the racing activities, but also represents the courage to try, and is determined to change the persistence and love of the way of transportation.

Han Yue team sprays champagne at the bus stop

Han Yue, who was sponsored by Hongji Bike , gallops on the field

Team and trophy